The genius in Stevie Wonder's music lies in his inability to see. Our eyes capture every detail, soundbite, structure, person and object that crosses our path.

All of that is filtered through our intellect and without an understanding of how our mind works the effects can be detrimental.

Without that understanding, you suffer the onslaught of thoughts, which manifest into self conflict, which create anxiety. If you're happy about something now, simply wait a few minutes and your mood will change. Worry, happy, worry, happy, worry, happy. And our response to that is to occupy our time. But the minds faculties are incredibly powerful.

Occupying ourselves does not work and you don't have to take my word for it. You know, because we are all affected by it.

It comes up in our conversations and our subtle small talk. Whispers almost as to not alert ourselves of this feeling.

I've had to shift the nature of my life because I was seeing too much and was affected by too much. I believed I was stronger than my environment, but that's untruth. Like food, any intake will affect my judgment. In limiting my exposure, the genuine feelings of creativity and inspiration arose.

It recalls the term Signal To Noise ratio where the signal is always emitting, whether you can hear the signal or not depends on the noise in that environment. I discuss this and more in my memoir titled, "It's Right Where You Left It".


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In any Game the winners are those who Understand how It works.

To suffer on account of the Game is to not Understand It.

In order to Understand how something works an individual must be willing to let go of what they believe it to be in exchange for what it Is.

How do you know what you believe to be true from what Is True?

You know by testing It.

Testing requires immersion

Within immersion the exchange between what you believe to be true and what is True is revealed.

Immersion is the Key for the door of Understanding.

To Understand the Game you have to immerse yourself into the Game.

It is the only way one can test what they believe to be true.

The quality of ones immersion into the game

Is the quality of ones desire to Understand the Game.

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For how old this film was shot the themes have not gone stale one bit. Also, the man was styled incredibly well throughout this film. Was never a Phat Farm fan but the Sean John looks & FUBU Blazer were 10/10. RIP Bernie Mack, every scene he shot was legendary.

    Mark Hamil is one of the greatest voice actors ever. He said he'd stand when he voiced the Joker and you could feel it in his delivery. It's energizing. Also crazy this animation was neo-noir, I love the tone of the series so much. So dark but still so light.  

      The musical openings are amazing. 10/10 film series. Beyonce's film debut (Styling was 10/10 and her interactions with Mini Me –– crazy. On screen kiss with Mike Myers!!!!!!!!!)


      Jay Roach is unbeatable. Dustin Hoffman & Barbara Streisand playing your parents is a wild fantasy. So good. Love the home of the Fockers too. Reminds me of growing up in the Northeast.


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      Chapter 4: The Question Was The Answer

      In the process of making Cinnamon Squares the answer to my question was clear. It wasn't the sugar that I was obsessed over. It was the world that was around it. It was the walks to my Grandmother's House. It was my Mom. It was my Sister and I watching TV in the morning.

      It was freedom from stress. Everyone was happy in the morning. That's why I love Cereal. It was never the Cereal. It was the people. It was the entire symphony of things. The cereal was just the thing I ate.

      And as I prepare to release our second flavor, Marshmallow Cinnamon Squares, I also bring with me the knowledge and Understanding that I've gained in the process.


      Chapter 3: The Full Scope

      The process of making Cereal has been a deep examination within myself because I knew that it was good. It was just different. And if it was different, I had to understand why. And that alone is why I do it. I do it to Understand. Because once I understand I'm not confined by the what ifs. I'm moving with zero doubt. And with zero doubt, I have absolute clarity. And when my mind is clear. I make the best and most pure Art.

      I've learned that when I love something it's important to give it away, to give it free rein, to watch where it goes. To watch how people touch it and see it and experience it. Because in doing that, you're able to get a better and clearer perspective as to Why and Why. You're able to see where it goes.

      The Truth is what you think you know, is not what you know. It's filtered through your own intellect. It's filtered through your singular view. And as long as it's a singular view, you will not see the full scope of things as they are.


      Chapter 2: The Understanding

      Why is that? Well, because deep down inside, I knew that this wasn't a breakfast food. They lied to me. Every corporation lied to me and told me that it was a balanced breakfast. And my parents who knew none better also served it because they didn't know. They also believed what was told to them. And because of that unknowing I suffered. The events that followed changed the way Cereal & Such functioned. I didn't focus on selling cereal much anymore. It was really on the community of friends who all loved this thing.

      There was a young girl who came to my cereal bar and she came down from Victorville with her mother, which was about an hour and a half away. She had a bowl and she left. She was so precious and it was around that time that I knew, I can't serve this to kids because I know what's in it. And so I decided to close it and I decided to dive in deeper.


      Chapter 1: Born From Greed

      Cereal and such was born from Greed. As a child I was incredibly greedy. I loved sweets. I could not get enough of it. My mother would say in Yoruba, " Sugar ti, Fo L'Ori", which translates to, sugar is on his brain. And it was.

      I would put loads of sugar in tea. I would put sugar in my cereal and over time I began to suffer migraines because of my poor nutrition. And so by exploring and trying to understand why I was so compelled by the sugar is what gave birth to Cereal and Such.

      I opened my cereal bar in 2017 and it was the first time I was able to watch the thing that I obsessed over. I got to put on display the thing I obsessed over. And so by opening that obsession for the world to see, I was able to understand where it derived from. In that I was able to explore and ask questions.

      When children would come to my cereal bar and eat cereal, I felt very uncomfortable. A lot of the emotions that I didn't realize were coming to the surface. And I wanted to explore why?