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"It's Right Where You Left It", is available today. Special Editions will be available through Friday 5/28. Following 5/28 first editions book can be purchased on all online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) and other select online retailers. Ebooks for Kindle & iPad are available as well.

Directed by Theo Martins

Animated by Andrew Pulig

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T-Shirt in White with graphic print at front and back. Crewneck collar. Mid-weight Rib knit cuffs and hem. 

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My memoir, “It’s Right Where You Left It” will be out May 26th. Comprised of observations, examinations, essays, poems and anecdotes, "It's Right Where You Left It" stands as a reflection of the events that have led me back to myself. My self titled debut album will accompany my memoir as a manifestation of this understanding.

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The genius in Stevie Wonder's music lies in his inability to see. Our eyes capture every detail, soundbite, structure, person and object that crosses our path.

All of that is filtered through our intellect and without an understanding of how our mind works the effects can be detrimental.

Without that understanding, you suffer the onslaught of thoughts, which manifest into self conflict, which create anxiety. If you're happy about something now, simply wait a few minutes and your mood will change. Worry, happy, worry, happy, worry, happy. And our response to that is to occupy our time. But the minds faculties are incredibly powerful.

Occupying ourselves does not work and you don't have to take my word for it. You know, because we are all affected by it.

It comes up in our conversations and our subtle small talk. Whispers almost as to not alert ourselves of this feeling.

I've had to shift the nature of my life because I was seeing too much and was affected by too much. I believed I was stronger than my environment, but that's untruth. Like food, any intake will affect my judgment. In limiting my exposure, the genuine feelings of creativity and inspiration arose.

It recalls the term Signal To Noise ratio where the signal is always emitting, whether you can hear the signal or not depends on the noise in that environment. I discuss this and more in my memoir titled, "It's Right Where You Left It".


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In any Game the winners are those who Understand how It works.

To suffer on account of the Game is to not Understand It.

In order to Understand how something works an individual must be willing to let go of what they believe it to be in exchange for what it Is.

How do you know what you believe to be true from what Is True?

You know by testing It.

Testing requires immersion

Within immersion the exchange between what you believe to be true and what is True is revealed.

Immersion is the Key for the door of Understanding.

To Understand the Game you have to immerse yourself into the Game.

It is the only way one can test what they believe to be true.

The quality of ones immersion into the game

Is the quality of ones desire to Understand the Game.

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For how old this film was shot the themes have not gone stale one bit. Also, the man was styled incredibly well throughout this film. Was never a Phat Farm fan but the Sean John looks & FUBU Blazer were 10/10. RIP Bernie Mack, every scene he shot was legendary.

    Mark Hamil is one of the greatest voice actors ever. He said he'd stand when he voiced the Joker and you could feel it in his delivery. It's energizing. Also crazy this animation was neo-noir, I love the tone of the series so much. So dark but still so light.  

      The musical openings are amazing. 10/10 film series. Beyonce's film debut (Styling was 10/10 and her interactions with Mini Me –– crazy. On screen kiss with Mike Myers!!!!!!!!!)


      Jay Roach is unbeatable. Dustin Hoffman & Barbara Streisand playing your parents is a wild fantasy. So good. Love the home of the Fockers too. Reminds me of growing up in the Northeast.