As of today the company will now operate under the Theo Martins banner as Posture.

Posture is an extension of the Theo Martins brand. It ranges in products from music, consumer products, furniture, apparel, media and more. The company produces products irregularly and adheres to no guideline whatsoever. It serves to fulfill Martins’ deep desire to discover.

10” Vinyl in the shop
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T-Shirt commemorating the release of “WUT” video & song from the upcoming, “It’s Right Where You Left It” Book & Soundtrack 

Artwork by Charlie Staunton

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Introducing our Posture Tea line, including two strains along with a collaborative set with Artist Danielle Yukari.


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Cereal & Such Family subscription now available.

Featuring all 3 flavors, including the all new Chocolate Cinnamon Squares.


Reading Material, a new magazine and catalog from Good Posture.

Issue 01 releases features interviews with Dajana Radovanovic, BAFIC, Nick Massarelli and Jimmy Marble.

Available now in the shop.


Posture 'World History' Tee, now in the shop.