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I’ve been asked why I’ve deleted many of my prior recordings. It was a question that came from many fans, collaborators and friends. There were many things that I got wrong then, that after making right felt unsure about allowing these to remain in the world. I struggled to untie myself from what I remained entangled in it.

Home Runs”, is a compilation of published and unpublished songs recorded within the last 10 years, beginning with my debut album, Wonderland. It has been a journey to examine what lie within the rubble of old relics and discover things worth reconsideration. Enjoy.

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Posture Workshop, a retail shop & art space opens April 1, 2022. Visit is by appointment only.

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Posture Workshop: 741 Westminster St. Providence, R.I 02903


Including a selection of rare, used records and original pressings exclusively for Posture™.

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Introducing the Posture Art Shop, including original artwork, prints, paintings and posters. Art can be delivered framed and matted upon request.

Shown above, "A Chicken Sandwich" 10x10 framed print.

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In honor of our Naija All-Star Series, new designs include woven tapestry and pullover hood.

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Introducing Cereal Sets from Cereal & Such™. Cereal is fun with more than one ;)

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Introducing Posture Home Goods

Throw Rugs, Dinner Plates & Glassware from Posture™

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Posture Workshop offers upcycled garments, archival Posture pieces and found objects. Shop our current items here.
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Photography by Carlos Semedo

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